The top home-based technology businesses offer low startup costs with a manageable set of hours and high rate of return for your investment. If you are willing to become an expert in the right technology, you can make a notable income from home technology business.


Graphic Design Services

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Rather than paying for a full-time onsite graphic designer, many businesses utilize hourly and project-based design services from graphic design firms. These firms offer logo and website design, corporate branding, brochure layout and other design services. To get started, launch a website showcasing the services you offer. Post a portfolio of your designs and get permission to publish testimonials from your customers. Make customer satisfaction a top priority to gain repeat business and referrals. Write contracts for the services you perform and be sure to document your work so that your estimates are appropriate.


Stock Photography

If you have some skills with photo editing software, such as Adobe Photoshop, or if you are an experienced digital photographer, then consider selling your photos as stock photography. The average consumer is estimated to see more than 3,000 marketing images on a daily basis. Tap into the demand for images by selling stock photography. If you can work a digital camera and computer, then start a business selling photos from your own website or to a stock photo agency.



E-commerce has been a popular business since the Internet began. To get started with e-commerce, you need a website with shopping cart functionality and an in-demand product. To be successful, you need to optimize your website for high search engine rankings so that customers will find your product. Search engine optimization can be outsourced, or you can do it yourself with the right domain name, keywords, social media presence and advertising.

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