The pervasiveness of the Internet has resulted in the creation of numerous ways that business can be conducted online. An Internet business allows skilled individuals to offer their expertise to others or to make money by selling merchandise. Internet business ventures typically require the development of a website where prospects can go to make purchases or obtain information.



An eCommerce business involves selling merchandise by using the Internet. One common eCommerce enterprise involves listing merchandise for sale on auction websites, such as Another method is drop shipping, where you serve as a distributor for a manufacturer's products by selling them at a marked up price. With drop shipping, you make arrangements with the manufacturers to list their items for sale on your website. When a customer places an order, you notify the manufacturer who handles the shipping and pays you the markup.



Internet consulting involves providing advice or a service in an area of expertise. A common type of online consultation is coaching, where skilled individuals help others with endeavors, such as starting a business or losing weight. Consultants need to set up a website that explains the services they offer.


Website Design

Individuals who want to start their own website but don't have the technical expertise often turn to web designers for help. Web designers are skilled in areas such as computer graphics and the use of audio and video. Some website designers partner with copywriters who possess expertise in creating the written words that appear on websites.


Domain Name Selling And Reselling

A domain name identifies a website address and is an important part of website or business branding. Domain sellers create and register domain names that they believe would be attractive to potential marketers and sell them via their own website or through classified ads on sites, such as Domain resellers purchase existing domain names and attempt to resell them by the same methods.



Freelancing allows individuals who possess skills in areas such as writing or photography to locate independent contracting jobs. When the individual is hired, he completes the assignment, submits it via the Internet and is compensated through online payment services such as Examples of sites where freelancers can seek work are, and

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