If you find yourself spending more time at the office than you'd like or you're feeling "burned out," you're probably not maintaining a healthy work/life balance. If you're employed by a small business, you may be able to negotiate an arrangement with the owner for a more a more suitable work schedule. Small business owners can also benefit by having a happier, more productive employee.



Telecommuting allows workers who have a long drive to the office or young children to spend more time at home. Depending on the nature of the job, you may be able to use your own equipment such as your home computer, telephone and fax machine and have your company reimburse you for any expenses. If working away from the office on a full-time basis isn't practical, your company may be willing to allow you to telecommute one or two days a week.


Working Part-Time

If you can afford it, consider cutting back to a part-time work schedule. If your employer values your contribution or you would be difficult to replace, it should be willing to work out a part-time arrangement to keep you in the fold. If you're not able to keep fringe benefits such as health insurance, see if you can be added to a spouse's coverage. You'll likely have to make some financial sacrifices, but the extra time at home should be worth it.


Changing Roles

If your current position is highly demanding of your time and energy, explore the possibility of assuming a less taxing role. For instance, if you're a boss, you could switch to a nonsupervisory position with fewer responsibilities. If you travel frequently, seek a role that keeps you in the office and closer to home. In addition to having more time at home, you may also enjoy your free time more due to the stress reduction.



Flextime allows employees to maintain a full-time work schedule while working different hours than the traditional 9-to-5 schedule. Flextime can include working a set shift every week or worker longer hours on some days and shorter hours on others. Flextime can work well for employers who operate around the clock and for employees who need to be home to care for children while the other spouse is at work.

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