Working from home has many advantages. People have more control over what hours they work, as well as more independence than those who work for an employer. While it's not for everybody, people who have the discipline and desire can create a successful home business. Some types of work are especially suitable for home-based businesses.


Teach a Skill

If you know how to play guitar, speak a foreign language or decorate cakes, you have a skill that other people may pay money to learn. All you need is a comfortable area in which to teach your students; ideally, teaching one person or a small group won't require much space at all. Think like a beginner in order to create your lesson plans and do some research to discover what the going rate is for lessons. Be sure to advertise your services.


Create a Keepsake

If you are a skilled photographer and have room for a home studio, you can have a home business in photography. Some of the work would be done away from home, such as shooting weddings and family events, while graduation pictures and portraits could be done in-house. Videographers can also have a home business. Scrapbookers earn money by creating traditional or digital scrapbooks for people who want creative arrangements but don't have time to do it themselves.


Daycare Provider

If you love taking care of children, becoming a home daycare provider can be a rewarding career. Many parents prefer the intimacy of a home setting over an institutional daycare. You need to have plenty of room for the kids to play, a quiet place for them to rest, and enough toys, books and craft materials to keep everybody happy. Check the requirements for licensing in your area, as they vary from state to state. In Texas, for example, small family child care homes that care for one to three children must be listed with the state, although no inspections are conducted and there are no standards to meet, while home day cares with four to six children have to be registered and meet state requirements.


Personal Trainer

If you're a fitness fanatic and have training equipment in your home, you could potentially open a home business as a personal trainer. Many people need a coach to help motivate them, a teacher to show them the way, and a drill sergeant to keep them on task. A personal trainer is all this and more. Many people find great satisfaction from helping other people achieve their fitness goals. For credibility, trainers should consider becoming certified from a viable national organization.

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