Times are tough---especially if you are 13 years old. You have the desire to work, but you don't meet the age requirement of most employers. But don't despair. Many services don't require the experience of a professional, so the energy and creativity of a teenager can often be enough to generate a small business.


Step Up Lawn Care Services

Homeowners are often eager to hand over outdoor tasks. With a few simple tools and a knack for detail, you may be well-equipped to handle lawn maintenance. Lawn mowing remains a go-to for teens seeking seasonal work, but consider soliciting more sophisticated lawn care responsibilities. For example, a neighbor may want to assign the finer details of lawn manicuring to somebody else. From weeding and edging to fertilizing and shrub-trimming, a lawn care service can easily go beyond simple grass-cutting.


Use Your Computer Skills

If your talents are more of the technological variety, take an inventory of your computer skills. You might find that hosting auctions on eBay or sales on craigslist.org will clear out your closet or toy box of unwanted items, as well as increase your cash flow. With experience, you could pair your online sales skills with a de-cluttering business. Neighbors with overflowing garages and attics could hire you to help clear out these spaces, then help sell the discarded toys, furniture and other items online. Your fee could be a percentage of actual sales.


Flex Your Creative Muscle

Have a flair for design? Pair it with computer software to launch a design business. Your services could include producing greeting cards for birthdays and holidays, certificates for teachers to award students, programs for church and school and much more. Make a sample book to showcase your work.


Add Value and Fun to Babysitting

Babysitting may be one of the oldest money-makers for teenagers, but you can give parents added value by offering specialized services and programs. If you like to read, host a book club for young children. A regular meeting would include a story hour with snacks or other activity. For a small fee, parents have two uninterrupted hours for shopping or errands, and their children have the chance to interact with other kids, while also being supervised. Or use another of your interests, such as dance or piano, to make a little money. Host a mini dance or piano camp for a few consecutive days and host a small recital at the end of the camp.

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