The Internet has made the ability to make and sell shirts easier to start than ever before. If you are interested in this venture, you have several options to help you get started. Some online companies allow you to create shirts on their site and sell them, freeing you from the worry of carrying inventory as the company fulfills your customers' orders as they are made. You can also have your shirt designs printed by a shirt-printing company and sold in your store or at other businesses. Making and selling your shirts for a profit requires market research and an understanding of the clothing industry.



Contact shirt manufacturers. Search for companies online and call local stores to compare prices; white shirts are generally cheaper than colored shirts. Order your shirts in bulk to save money. Negotiate shipping details to obtain free shipping if you order a certain amount of merchandise.



Create your shirt design. Sketch designs of shirts that you want to sell. Create a logo to place on your shirt for branding purposes, if you desire. Use graphic design software or hire a graphic designer with experience in creating shirts to make a digital representation of your shirt design.



Purchase the necessary materials if you plan to make your shirts yourself. You will need cloth, a sewing machine, thread and buttons. Stitch a label in the collar of your shirts so people can identify your products.



Search for screen-printing companies online and for local businesses to get the best price if you are making and selling shirts with designs. Research the reputation of the business and order a sample shirt before making a decision.



Hire a screen printer. Contact screen printers about printing options and prices. Some screen printers supply plain shirts but you can inform them that you have already purchased your shirts. You can use the shirts at the screen-printing company instead of buying them through a manufacturer if the price is cheaper.



Contact managers and owners of independent clothing stores. Call local clothing shops to inquire about the process of getting your shirt line in their stores. Sign a distribution contract with interested clothing stores to sell your clothes at their shop for a fee. List your shirts on sites such as EBay, Amazon and Zazzle.



Promote your shirt business. Give away free shirts to build interest around your company. Put up fliers and stickers advertising your shirts. Include links to websites carrying your shirts on your advertisement. Attempt to find a local celebrity willing to endorse your shirt.

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