If you are passionate about vintage clothing and are seeking to profit from your love for trends of the past, starting an online vintage clothing store will enable you to make money from home selling vintage clothes online. Starting an online store for vintage clothing will require you to find a niche, market yourself on the Internet, and constantly be on the lookout for items to add to your shop. Even with little-to-no experience selling online, setting up an online vintage clothing store is moderate in difficulty.



Decide what type of vintage clothing you want to sell in your online store. You may want to carry gender specific clothes or clothes from a specific era. Choosing a niche to specialize in will make it easier to market your store to potential customers. For example, you could specialize in party dresses and other women's clothes from the 1950s.



Research and browse current online vintage clothing stores and pay attention to what clothing items seem to be popular and how much these items are selling for. Take notes, as this will help you figure out what kind of inventory will sell well in your online store and garner the most money.



Stock up on inventory for your store. Browse online auctions, thrift stores, antique stores, consignment shops and flea markets for vintage clothing to sell in your online store. If you are creating a niche store, look specifically for clothing that fits into the niche you have chosen. Before purchasing items to sell out-of-pocket, compare the items to those you researched in other stores. Assess whether or not the item will sell at a price higher than what you are paying before buying the garment.



Make any necessary repairs to the garments you plan to sell in your online vintage clothing store. Mend any holes or tears, try to remove any stains and wash and iron the garments so that they are in pristine shape.



Set up an online shop through the domain of your choosing. You may choose to simply create a selling profile on an already established online store or auction site, or you may want to purchase your own private domain name. You can always start out through a free hosting site and later move your shop to a private domain if you choose.



Name your online store and create a logo. Your shop name should be creative and memorable, and your logo should be clear and easy to read.



Hire a web designer to create the look of your online store or do it yourself if you are educated in HTML coding. The online store should be well-organized and easy to navigate. Link the website to an online bank account so that you can accept online payments for items sold.



Use your digital camera to photograph each piece of clothing you intend to sell. Having a model wear the garments will appeal best to potential customers, as this way they can see exactly how the clothing fits. Choose prices for each garment and upload the pictures to your website alongside the prices.



Calculate shipping costs for both national and international shipping if you intend to sell all over the world. Post these prices on your website.



Market your store online to attract customers. You can pay to advertise on social networking sites, blog sites or other store websites if you purchase ad space. Advertise for free by posting on online forums related to your niche.

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