If you have a passion for accessories, a purse business can a good endeavor. When undertaking a new business venture you need to decide on a budget and work it into a business plan. Contact your local government office to find out more information on business licenses that will need to be filed. For instance, in Houston you can contact the City of Houston "One Stop Business Center" to pick up a packet on starting a business. There is profitability in running a successful purse business.



Contact wholesale distributors of accessories and purses to compare pricing and merchandise. Do you want to sell designer knockoffs, affordable fashion accessories or high-end designer styles? The selections you decide will depend on the market you want to target.



A purse business can be profitable online with a storefront or a combination of both. To start a business offline, you can check out different available storefronts. Have a list ready of how you visualize you purse business. This will help in your search for the right property. With an online business you have to find the right website. There are many different companies to choose from, so take your time. Have a list of what you want on your webpage.



If you enjoy talking and having gatherings, you can open a purse party business. This is a good way to start if you're short on business capital. Make sells through catalogs and have customers prepay for purchases. Send in the payments for your orders, and deliver the merchandise or have it shipped directly.



Marketing is an important part of business. It lets people know you exist. Let everyone you come into contact with know about your new purse business. Pass out business cards and flyers at offices, malls and restaurant. Wherever you see a bulletin board leave a flyer. Visit online forums and social networks. Use your logo as your profile picture. Market through the various search engines.

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