Whether you are looking to supplement your current income or start a new career with your own business, you can start several money-making businesses at home to meet your goals. Consider as many business idea options as possible and give yourself plenty of choices before you settle on the business that is right for you.


Music Instructor

If you can play a musical instrument, and feel confident enough in your abilities to teach others how to play, then you can start a home business as a music instructor. Be sure to set the proper expectations with prospective students before signing them up for lessons. If you only feel confident offering beginner level lessons, then do not take on advanced students. You could also broaden your appeal by taking lessons for yourself and increasing your knowledge base.



Digital camera technology is continually advancing and helping amateur photographers to take professional quality pictures. If you enjoy taking pictures of wildlife or other generic settings, then you can sell your pictures as stock photography on the Internet. Websites, such as Shutterpoint and many others like it, can help you set up an account where you can sell your pictures as a business.


Online Auction Assistant

An online auction site is a way for people to make extra income through buying and selling items. If you want to get involved in an online auction business, but do not want to get involved in buying and selling the product, then you can be an online auction assistant. Your tasks would be to take photographs of the products for online sellers, create the auction based on the seller's specifications, monitor the auction and then ship the product when it sells. You can ask for a percentage of the selling price as your compensation, and be sure the sellers you work for pay all of the auction expenses, including shipping costs.


Gift Baskets

Making personalized gift baskets can be a way to supplement your income through your own home-based business. You can start by creating gift baskets to give to your family and friends, and include your business card so that they can recommend your services to their friends. If your local arts and crafts store offers classes on making gift baskets, then you may want to take them to improve your skills.


Answering Service

Busy professionals, such as doctors and veterinarians, want to be on call as much as possible. You can run an answering service business right from your home. You can have the professionals you work for transfer calls to your phone during their off hours. Make sure you let your clients know the hours you are available, and you will want to get call waiting on your phone to be able to accommodate the larger call volume.

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