If you know you've got what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur but are concerned about startup costs, opening a business from home can be a great option. Not only do home-based businesses reduce operations costs, but they allow you a flexible schedule and even the ability to do what you love for a living.


Personal Assistant

From business owners to new moms, a lot of people have too much on their plates and need an assistant’s help when their workload is too much to handle. The type of work you do will vary depending on your client, but it can range from making travel arrangements to doing data entry to walking dogs. According to Entrepreneur website, “the most successful virtual assistants are the ones who will do just about anything…”


Technical Assistant

If you have a knack for fixing computers or answering tech questions, this business can be set up with as little as a phone line and a website. Design a website that clearly lays out the services that you’ll provide and use language that will lead search engines to your site. Entrepreneur notes that most people search for tech support online by the name of the city and the phrase “tech support.”



If you live in a small town without taxi regulations and have a set of wheels, a driving service is a great business to start from home. Set up a website with a phone number and outline your service area. Check with your local department of motor vehicles to secure the correct driver’s license. A GPS navigator can be worth the investment: it will bolster your reputation for knowing the quickest route to any destination.


Affiliate Marketer

Selling on auction sites, including eBay, is one of the lowest-cost businesses to start from home. Pick up low-priced items at garage or estate sales or make your own arts and crafts, then sell them on an auction site. You can also draw clients who have things they want to sell and selling them online for them.


Coach Or Mentor

Whatever your area of expertise—whether you’re a writer, an artist, a marketing superstar or an excellent cook,people out there want your advice and will pay for it. Business coaching is one of the most profitable at-home businesses to start, according to Carl Vanderpal’s internet marketing advice website. Vanderpal recommends starting by offering your services to small, local businesses first and expanding through networking as you gain experience.


Fitness Trainer

If fitness is your passion, help others with their own fitness goals. Training clients in their own homes with their own equipment is a great way to start on a budget. Many cities also have free recreation centers that you could use for training others. Personal trainers offered through gyms can often be expensive, so offering a lower-priced option can draw clients who can’t pay for pricey instruction.



All you need is a quality camera or video equipment and a talent for capturing important moments. Setting up a studio in your home for family portraits can be done with simple equipment. You can also sell some of your own photographs online to stock image sites.

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